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Friday, August 29, 2003
Okay, here's the comment about automatically saving a .emf file from grace.

After installing pstoedit, and making sure that it can succesfully convert .eps to .emf, add the following line to gracerc in ~/.grace:

DEFINE OFILTER "pstoedit -f emf - %s" PATTERN "*.emf"

Then when specifying the filename with a .emf extension under the "Print Setup" menu (and selecting the eps print device) it will filter it automatically through pstoedit. Still a little tedious, but quicker than doing it all manually.
Wednesday, August 20, 2003
I'm interested in being able to save Grace graph files to wmf/emf. So I found a neat library, libEMF, which I think might be able to do this. Downloaded libEMF from the SourceForge site, together with the patch that is also on that site. Then also downloaded the neat package pstoedit.

  1. Applied the patch to the libEMF directory: cat libEMF-1.0.fixes-2002-09-30.diff | patch -p1
  2. ./configure;make;make install
  3. In the pstoedit directory, also do ./configure;make;make install
  4. At least now I'm able to convert eps to emf with pstoedit -f wmf file.eps file.emf which produces vector graphs for ease of use in Windows Apps.

Will comment later on how to possibly automatically include this in Grace using some kind of filter.

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